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panah´on n. time, season, weather


season n. 1 one of the four peri- ods of the year: Spring: tagasibol. Summer or hot season: tag-init, tag-araw. Rainy season: tag-ulan. Winter: taglamig, tagginaw 2 any period of time marked by something special: panahon 3 suitable or fit time: kapanahunan, panahon ˇ v. 1 to improve the flavor of: magtimpla, timplahan, magrikado, rikaduhan 2 to accustom, make used to: sumanay, sanayin 3 in season and out of season: hindi panahon, wala sa panahon

period n. 1 a portion of time: mahabang panahon, sandaling (maikling, kaunting) panahon 2 one of the portions of time into which a school day is divided: piriyod, period 3 a certain series of years, an era: panahon, kapanahunan 4 a complete sentence: pangungusap 5 a dot marking the end of most sentences or showing abbreviations: tuldok, punto, punto 6 end: wakas, katapusan

time n. 1 all the days there have been or ever will be, the past, present, and future: panahon 2 a period of time, season: panahon, kapanahunan 3 a part of time, a short time: sandali, saglit, maikling panahon 4 a long time: tagal, luwat, lawig 5 some point in time: oras 6 the right part or point of time: oras, takdang oras 7 a repetition: ulit, beses 8 occasion: pagkakataon 9 a way of reckoning time: paraan ng pag-ooras, pagkuha ng oras 10 a condition of life: kalagayan ng buhay 11 an experience: karanasan 12 the rate of movement in music: tiyempo, kumpas ˇ v. 1 to measure the time of: orasan, kunan ng oras 2 to do at regular times, set the time of: magtama, itama, itugma, magtugma 3 to choose the moment or occasion for: magsaoras, isaoras, itiyempo 4 in arithmetic, "times" means multiply by or multiplied by: magmultiplika, multiplikahin ˇ adv. 1 at times, now and then, once in a while: paminsan-minsan, kung minsan, manaka-naka 2 behind the times, old fashioned: makaluma, luma na, huli sa panahon 3 in time means (a) after a while: mayamaya, sa madaling panahon (b) soon enough: madali, kaagad (c) in the right rate of movement in music, dancing, marching, etc. : nasa tiyempo 4 on time, at the right time, punctual: sa takdang oras, nasa oras 5 time after time, again and again: oras-oras, mulit muli, paulit-ulit 6 from time to time, now and then, once in a while: sa pana-panahon, paminsan-minsan, manaka-naka 7 a short time ago: kamakailan lamang, kailan lamang 8 short of time: kapos sa oras (panahon), walang oras (panahon) 9 for all time, all the time: sa lahat ng oras, habang panahon 10 for the time being: pansamantala 11 a fixed or appointed time: takdang oras (panahon), taning na oras (panahon) 12 for a long time: matagal na panahon, nang matagal

old adj. 1 not young, aged: matanda 2 that seems old: mukhang matanda na, mukhang may edad na 3 much worn by age, worn: luma 4 of age, in age (Use noun): gulang, edad, sa gulang 5 having much experience: sanay, bihasa, bihasa 6 former: dati, datihan 7 not new, not recent: luma, matagal na 8 out-of-date: lipas na, makaluma ˇ n. the time of long ago, the past: unang panahon, nakaraang panahon, lumipas na panahon

aksay´a n. wastage ˇ maaksaya (ma-) adj. wasteful ˇ maaksaya (ma-) v. to be wasted, to go to waste. Baka maaksaya ang tubig. The water might be wasted. mag-aksaya, aksayah´in, pag- aksayah´an (mag-:-in:pag-an) v. to squander, to use something wastefully. Nag-aksaya siya ng panahon. He wasted time. Huwag pag-aksayahan ng panahon ang hindi importanting bagay. Don't waste time with unimportant things.

panauhin pamana puhunan

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