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pang´alan n. name


name n. 1 a word or words by which a person, animal, place or thing is spoken of or to: pangalan, ngalan 2 a word that means any object, or any one of a group of objects: tawag, katawagan 3 reputation: puri, karangalan, mabuting pangalan 4 title: pamagat, titulo · v. 1 to give a name to: magngalan, ngalanan, pangalanan, ingalan, ipangalan 2 to mention by name: sabihin ang pangalan 3 to give or know the right name for: alam ang pangalan ng o ang tawag sa 4 to mention, give as an instance, cite: bumanggit, banggitin, tumukoy, tukuyin

reputation n. 1 what people think and say the character of a person or thing is, character in the opinion of others: pangalan, reputasyon 2 a good name, good reputation: puri, kapurihan, dangal, karangalan, mabuting pangalan (reputasyon) 3 fame: kabantugan, kabantugan, katanyagan

penmanship n. handwriting: sulat- kamay, porma ng sulat pen name a name used by a writer instead of his real name: sagisag (na pangalan), sagisag-panulat

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