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pant´ay adj. level, of the same length or height, even


level adj. 1 flat, even: patag, pantay 2 of equal height, importance, etc.: kapantay, magkapantay, magkaka- pantay, kasintaas, magkasintaas, kapareho, magkapareho · n. a level position: kapantayan, kapatagan · v. to make level or the same level: pagpantayin, pantayin, ipantay, magpatag, patagin

plane n. 1 a flat or level surface: pantay (patag) na ibabaw 2 a level: lagay, kalagayan, pamantayan, antas 3 airplane: eruplano 4 a carpenters tool with a blade for smoothing wood: katam · v. to smooth wood or metal with a plane: magpakatam, katamin, magkatam · adj. flat or level: patag, pantay

equal n. a person or thing equal to another: kapantay, kapareho, kasukat · adj. on the same level, etc.: pareho, magkapareho, pantay, magkapantay · v. to make or do something equal to: pumantay, pantayan, pumareho, pumatas, patasan, magkapareho

justice n. 1 fairness: katarungan 2 rightness: katwiran, katumpakan 3 trial by process of law: paglilitis 4 a judge: mahistrado, hukom, huwes 5 a justice of the peace: hukom tagapamayapa 6 just conduct, fair dealing: kawastuan, pantay na (parehong) pakikitungo

neck n. 1 the part of the body that connects the head with the shoul- ders: leeg, liig 2 the part of a gar- ment that fits the neck: leeg ng damit 3 to be neck and neck, to be even in a race or contest (use adj): patas, tabla, pantay

panday panty pinta punta

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