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parŽusa n. punishment


castigation n. a punishment: parusa, pagpaparusa, kastigo, pagkastigo

punishment n. 1 act of punish- ing, being punished: pagpaparusa, pagkakaparusa 2 pain, suffering, loss: parusa, kaparusahan

pain n. 1 a physical hurt: sakit 2 a stinging or smarting pain: hapdi, kirot 3 grief or such emo- tion opposite of pleasure: lungkot, kalungkutan, sama ng loob, hapdi ng kalooban (kalooban) · v. 1 to cause bodily pain to: magpasakit, pasakitin, magpakirot pakirutin, magpahapdi, pahapdiin 2 to ache, be aching: sumakit, manakit, kumirot, mangirot, humapdi, manghapdi 3 to afflict with mental suffering: magpasakit, pasakitan, magpasama ng loob, pasamain ang loob, sumugat ng kalooban (damdamin), sugatan ang kalooban 4 to cause grief or sadness: magpalungkot, palungkutin, ikalungkot 5 on or under pain of, with the punishment or penalty of unless a certain thing is done: sa ilalim ng parusa, sa parusa 6 to take pains means (a) be (very) careful: mag-ingat, pag-ingatan, magpakaingat, ingatan; (b) to make an effort: magsikap, pagsikapan

discipline n. 1 order and obedience: disiplina 2 punishment: parusa · v. 1 to punish: magparusa, parusahan 2 to bring under control: sumupil, supilin, masupil

penalty n. 1 punishment: parusa, kaparusahan 2 fine: multa, multa

paris pares piraso peras

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