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1) p´aso' ­ mapas´o' (ma-) v. to get burned. Napaso si Juan ng kumuku- long tubig. John got scalded by the boiling water. mangpaso', pas´uin (mang-:-in) v. to scald or burn
2) pas´o' n. flower pot


pot n. 1 an earthen vessel for cooking: palayok, palyok 2 a small earthen cooking pot: anglit 3 a big earthen cooking pot: katingan 4 a metal pot: kaldero 5 a flower pot: masetera, paso 6 a pot and what is in it, the amount a pot will hold: sampalayok, isang palayok · v. 1 to put into a pot: maglagay sa, ilagay sa 2 to put into a flower pot: magpaso, ipaso, magtanim (itanim) sa paso (masetera) 3 to keep the pot boiling, to make a living: maghanapbuhay

jog n. a slow walk or trot: yagyag, paso · v. to stir up ones own or another persons memory: pukawin (gisingin, buhayin) ang alaala

scald v. 1 to heat almost to boiling, but not quite: magpainit (painitin, iinit) lamang na mabuti 2 to pour boiling liquid over: magbanli, banlian 3 to burn with hot liquid: mabanlian · n. a burn caused by hot liquid or steam: banli, paso

burn v. 1 to be on fire: masunog, masilab 2 to set on fire: sumunog, manunog, sunugin, sumilab, silaban 3 to burn fiercely, to be blazing: magliyab, papagliyabin 4 to injure or be injured by burning: mapaso, pasuin 5 to burn with fever: mag- apoy sa lagnat, apuyin ng lagnat 6 to be completely burnt: matupok, maging abo 7 to burn with emotion: mag-alab, pag-alabin 8 to burn incense: magsuob, suubin 9 to burn out as a light bulb: mapundi · n. a burn, injury caused by fire or heat: paso, sunog

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