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pat´i Ch adv. also, including


also adv. in addition, besides, too, likewise: rin, din, pati, man, naman, gayun ,din

include v. to consist of: sumaklaw, saklawin, sumakop, sakupin including adv. part or member: kabilang, kasama, pati

too adv. 1 also, besides: din, rin, pati, man 2 more than enough, beyond what is desirable, proper or right: totoo, masyado, lubha, labis 3 very: totoo, tunay, labis

reverse n. 1 the opposite or contrary: kabaligtaran, kabalikan, kasaliwaan, katumbalikan 2 the other side: kabila 3 a change to bad fortune, check or defeat: pagkabigo, kabiguan, malas, kamalasan · v. 1 to turn upside down: bumaligtad, baligtarin, ibaligtad 2 to turn the other way: magbaling, ibaling, magpaling, papalingin, ipaling, bumiling, ibiling 3 to change to the opposite, to repeal: sumaliwa, saliwain, bumaligtad, baligtarin, salungatin · adj. 1 turned back- ward: baligtad, pabaligtad, tumbalik, patumbalik 2 contrary in position or direction: saliwa, pasaliwa 3 turned upside down: tiwarik, pati- warik 4 against or opposite: laban, salungat

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