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p´awis n. perspiration, sweat · paw´isan (-an) v. to persire, to sweat. Magtatakbo ka para ka paw- isan. Do some running so you may perspire.


perspiration n. 1 sweat: pawis 2 sweating: pagpapawis

vapor n. 1 the steam from boiling water: singaw 2 the moisture in the air that can be seen: hamog 3 a fog, mist: ulap, ulop 4 a gas formed from a substance that is usually a liquid or a solid: pawis 5 the vapor rising from the ground: alimuom, singaw

sweat v. 1 to give out moisture through the pores of the skin: magpawis, pawisan, pagpawisan 2 to cause to sweat: magpapawis, papagpawisin, papawisin 3 to cause to work hard and under bad condi- tions: magpahirap, pahirapan · n. the moisture coming through the skin: pawis

puwes payaso paki pause

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