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pīilay n. lameness, sprain · adj. lame mapilay (ma-) v. to become lame. Napilay siya nang siya'y madulas. He became lame when he slipped.


sprain v. to injure a joint or mus- cle by a sudden twist or wrench: mapilay, mapilayan, mapuwersa · n. injury caused in this way: pilay, pagkapuwersa

lame adj. not able to walk properly: pilay, lumpo · v. to become lame: mapilay, mapilayan, malumpo

cripple n. 1 a person who cannot use his body properly esp. the legs: salanta, lumpo 2 a lame person: pilay · v. 1 to make a cripple of: malumpo 2 to disable: sumalanta, masalanta, salantain 3 to damage, to weaken: puminsala, mapinsala, pinsalain

wrench v. 1 to twist: pilipitin, pihitin 2 to be twisted: mapilipit, mabalinganga 3 to pull violently: umagaw, agawin · n. 1 an injury caused by twisting: pilay, bali 2 grief, pain: dalamhati, kirot, hapdi 3 a tool to hold and turn nuts, bolts, etc.: liyabe, birador

limp n. 1 a lame step or walk: pilay, hingkod, tikod 2 slight limping: ika, ikod · v. to walk with a limp: tumikod, tumikud-tikod, humingkod · adj. soft, slack: malambot, malata

palay pila pilyo palayaw

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