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pīosas n. handcuffs


handcuff n. a restraining device that can be locked around the wrist: posas · v. to put handcuffs on: magposas, posasan

manacle n. 1 a handcuff, a fetter for the hands (usually in the plu- ral): posas 2 a fetter for the feet: tanikala sa paa, kadena sa paa · v. 1 to fetter the hands of: magposas, posasan 2 to chain: magkadena, ikadena, kadenahan, magtanikala, tanikalaan, itanikala

bond n. 1 anything that binds: bigkis, gapos, tali, buklod 2 a pris- oners bonds: gapos, posas 3 bail: piyansa 4 a guarantee: garantiya, panagot 5 a pledge, pawn: sangla 6 a binding force, unity: pagkakaisa 7 a certificate given, esp. by a government, for money borrowed: bono

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