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position n. 1 the place where a thing or person is: tayo, ki- natatayuan, puwesto 2 a job: trabaho, hanapbuhay, empleo, puwesto, tungkulin 3 rank, standing, high standing: ranggo, kategorya, kategoriya, tungkulin


b´angon n. rising from a lying position · bumangon (-um-) v. to rise from a lying position, to get up from bed. Bumangon siya nang maaga kanina. He got up early a while ago. magbangon, ibangon (mag-:i-) v. to raise something, to see something in an upright position. Ibangon mo ang may sakit. Help the sick person get up.

office n. 1 position, esp. a public one: tungkulin, katungkulan 2 the duty of ones position, task, job, work: tungkulin, katungkulan, gawain, gawa, trabaho 3 the place in which the work of a position is done: opisina, tanggapan

move v. 1 to put in a different place: maglipat, ilipat 2 to change ones place of living: lumipat, bumago (mag-iba) ng lugar o tirahan 3 to cause a person to be transferred: magpalipat, palipatin, ilipat 4 to change position: magbago (bumago) ng ayos 5 to change position: gumalaw, igalaw, galawin, tuminag, tinagin, kumibo, ikibo, kibuin, kumilos, ikilos, kilusin 6 to be able to change position of: maikibo, makakibo, maigalaw, makagalaw, maikilos, makakilos, matinag, makatinag 7 to put in motion, shake, stir: magpagalaw, pagalawin, magpakibo, pakibuin, magpakilos, pakilusin 8 to be impelled or aroused: mapilitan 9 to bring forward a suggestion, propose: mag- mungkahi, imungkahi 10 to move over (standing or sitting): umipod, umipud-ipod, umusod, umusud-usod · n. 1 the act of moving: kilos, pagkilos, kibo, pagkibo, galaw, paggalaw, tinag, pagtinag 2 an act of step in carrying out a plan: kilusan 3 a change of residence: paglipat, pagbago (pag-iba) ng tirahan

place n. 1 the part or space occu- pied by a person or thing: puwesto, lugar, lugal 2 a city, town, or village: lugar, lugal, dako 3 district or area: purol, pool, distrito 4 house, dwelling: bahay, tahanan 5 a part or spot on a body or surface: bahagi, parte 6 rank: puwesto, tungkulin, lugar, lugal 7 right position, usual position: tamang lugar (lugal), karaniwang lugar (lugal), tumpak na ayos 8 a space or seat for a person: lugar, lugal, puwesto 9 duty, business: tungkulin, gawain 10 work, job, employment: trabaho, empleo, gawain · v. to put in a par- ticular spot, position, or condition: maglagay, ilagay, maglagak, ilagak · adv. in place means (a) in the proper or usual place: nasa lugar, nasa wastong (dating) kinalalagyan (b) fitting, apppropriate or timely: angkop, bagay

jump v. 1 to leap from the ground, to pass over by a leap: lumukso, luksuhin, lumundag, lundagin 2 to cause to jump: magpalukso, paluk- suhin, magpalundag, palundagin 3 to give a sudden start or jerk: umigtad, mapaigtad 4 to jump up from a lying position: bumalikwas 5 to leap downward: tumalon, talunin · n. 1 a spring from the ground: lukso, paglukso, lundag, paglundag 2 a jump downward: talon, pagtalon 3 a jumping up from a prone position: balikwas 4 a sudden nervous start: igtad, pag-igtad


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