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puh´unan n. capital in business


cost n. 1 price paid: halaga 2 at cost: sa puhunan · v. to be obtained at the price of: magkahalaga

principal adj. most impor- tant, chief, main: pangunahin, pinakapuno, pinakamahalaga, prinsipal · n. 1 chief person, one who gives orders, esp. in a school: prinsipal, punong-guro 2 a sum of money on which interest is paid: puhunan, kapital

interest n. 1 a feeling of wanting to know, do or own, or share in: interes, hilig, malasakit, pagkagusto, pagkawili 2 advantage, profit, ben- efit: kapakinabangan, kapakanan, kabutihan 3 a share in property or business: puhunan, pamumuhunan 4 money paid for the use of money: interes, pakinabang, tubo, patubo · v. 1 to excite curiosity, attention: umakit, maakit, akitin 2 to hold the attention of: mawili 3 to bear inter- est: tumubo, magtubo 4 to charge interest: magpatubo, patubuan

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