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pīunto Sp n. period


period n. 1 a portion of time: mahabang panahon, sandaling (maikling, kaunting) panahon 2 one of the portions of time into which a school day is divided: piriyod, period 3 a certain series of years, an era: panahon, kapanahunan 4 a complete sentence: pangungusap 5 a dot marking the end of most sentences or showing abbreviations: tuldok, punto, punto 6 end: wakas, katapusan

point n. 1 a sharp end: tulis, dulo 2 a dot, punctuation mark: tuldok, punto, punto 3 item, detail: bahagi 4 the main idea: paksa 5 intention: layunin 6 reason: dahilan 7 what one wants to say: ang ibig sabihin 8 what is being spoken about: pinag-uusapan 9 special quality or feature: katangian 10 place, spot: lugar, lugal 11 a piece of land projecting into the water, a cape: lungos, tangos 12 a unit of scoring: puntos · v. 1 to aim: magtutok, tumutok, itutok, tutukan, umasinta, asintahin, iasinta 2 to sharpen: magtulis, tulisan, mag- tasa, tasahan 3 to point out, to show or call attention to: ituro, ipakita, ipakilala, turuin 4 to show position or direction: maghimaton, maghimatong, ihimaton, ihimatong, ituro

tone n. 1 a sound, quality of sound: tunog, tono 2 voice: boses, tinig 3 the accent in speech or dialect: punto, punto, estilo, istilo 4 a manner of speaking or writing: himig, estilo, istilo, tono 5 vigor, normal healthy condition: lusog, kalusugan 6 the difference in pitch between two notes: tono 7 a shade of color: uri (grado, antas) ng kulay o kolor · v. 1 to be in harmony: bumagay, mabagay 2 to make harmonize: magbagay, ibagay, pagbagayin 3 to give a tone to: magkulay, kulayan, magsatono, isatono 4 to tone down, to soften: magbawa, bawahan, magpahina pahinain, hinaan, ihina, magbaba, ibaba, pababain, babaan 5 to tone up, to give more sound, color, or vigor to: magpasigla, pasiglahin, bumuhay, buhayin, magbigay-buhay, bigyang-buhay

stop n. 1 the place where a stay is made: tigilan, paradahan, himpilan, hintuan 2 a punctuation mark: tuldok, punto, punto 3 a brief stop: hinto, paghinto, tigil, pagtigil 4 a hindering, a check- ing: pagpigil, pagkapigil · v. 1 to keep from moving, doing, being, working, etc.: pumigil, pigilan, pigilin, magpahinto, pahintuin, magpatigil, patigilin, sumaway, sawayin, sumawata, sawatain 2 to close a hole or opening by filling it: magpasak, pasakan 3 to put an end to: magpatigil, patigilin, itigil, magpahinto, pahintuan, ipahinto 4 to come to an end, to cease, to leave off moving, acting, doing, being, etc.: tumigil, huminto, tumahan, magwakas, matapos 5 to stay: tumigil, humimpil, huminto 6 to stop a babys crying: magpatahan, patahanin 7 to stop bleeding (to cause it to stop): umampat, ampatin 8 to stop or check fire, sickness, plague, etc: umapula, apulain, sumugpo, masugpo, sugpuin

pinto punta panty pinta

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