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pŽutik n. mud · maputik (ma-) adj. muddy


muddy adj. 1 having much mud: maputik, putikan 2 covered with mud: puno ng putik, maputik, puro putik 3 clouded with mud, dull, not pure: malabo, marumi · v. 1 to make muddy: magpaputik, pagputikin 2 become muddy: magputik

mud n. 1 earth so wet that it is soft and slimy: putik 2 a muddy place: putikan 3 mud or clay used for mak- ing pots, jars, etc.: luad

dirt n. 1 anything that soils skin, clothing, etc.: dumi 2 dirt on the face: amos, dusing, dungis 3 dirt on the body: libag, banil 4 loose earth or soil: lupa 5 mud: putik

lihŽis ­ lumihis (-um-) v. to detour, to deviate from. Lumihis ang kotse sa putik. The car drove around the mud. maglihis, ilihis (mag-:i-) to deviate something from. Ilihis mo ang kotse sa mga bato. When driving the car avoid the rocks.

bŽaon n. provision or supply of food taken on a journey · magbaon, baŽunin, ibaon (mag-:- in, i-) v. to carry provisions or supplies usually food. Magbaon ka nang di ka gutumin. Take enough food to keep you from getting hungry. baŽon ­ bumaŽon (-um-) v. to become buried, to sink. BumaŽon ang sapatos ko sa putik. My shoes got stuck in the mud. magbaon, ibaon (mag-:i-) v. to bury something. Ibaon mo ang patay na pusa. Bury the dead cat.

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