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puwit n. buttocks


spank v. 1 to strike with the open hand: sumampal, sampalin, tumampal, tampalin 2 to strike the buttocks with the open hand or a slipper, etc.: pumalo (mamalo, paluin) sa puwit, tumampal (tam- palin) sa puwit

buttocks n. rump: pigi, puwit, puwitan

bottom n. 1 the lowest part: kailaliman, ang ilalim, puwit 2 the seat: upuan 3 the source: ugat, pinagmulan prep. at the bottom: sa ilalim

seat n. 1 a thing to sit on: upuan, likmuan, luklukan 2 the part of a chair or bench on which one sits: upuan 3 the part of the body on which one sits, or the clothing covering it: puwit, puwitan, puwitan 4 an established place or center: sentro, luklukan, lugar v. 1 to set or place on a seat: umupo, maupo, upuan, iupo 2 be seated, sit down: umupo, maupo

tail n. 1 a prolongation of the rear end of the body of an ani- mal: buntot 2 something like an animals tail: buntot, pabuntot 3 the hind part of anything, back, rear: huli, hulihan, puwit, puwitan 4 to put a tail on: magbuntot, buntutan v. to follow close behind: sumunud-sunod, sundan-sundan, bumuntut-buntot, buntut-buntutan adj. 1 coming from behind: mula sa likod o hulihan, galing sa likod o hulihan 2 of the rear end: sa (ng) likod o hulihan, panlikod, paghuli, panghulihan

pawid puyat pihit puti

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