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reach v. 1 to get to, to arrive at, to come to: dumating, sumapit, masapit, sapitin 2 to hold out in order to be taken, to give or pass by handing: mag-abot, abutan, iabot 3 to stretch, to extend: umabot, makaabot, paabutin 4 to touch, to put a hand on: maabot, makaabot 5 to amount to, be equal to: umabot, abutin ˇ n. 1 range, power, capacity: abot, kaya, kakayahan, kapasidad 2 the extent or distance of reaching: abot 3 a long stretch or extent: lawak, kalawakan


ab´ot n. reach, grasp ˇ umabot, abut´in (um-:-in) v. to reach for. Umabot ka ng ulam. Reach for the food. mag-abot, iabot, abut´an (mag- :i-:-an) v. to hand to. Mag-abot ka ng pera sa akin kapag suweldo na. Hand me your money when it's payday. ´abot ­ umabot, ab´utan (um-:-an) v. overtake, reach. Hindi ko siya maabutan sa pagtakbo. I can not overtake her in running.

l´ayo' ­ malayo' (ma-) adj. far distance ˇ lumayo' (-um-) v. to stay or keep away. Lumayo ang mga kaibigan niya sa kaniya. His friends kept away from him. maglay´o, ilay´o (mag-:i-) to sepa- rate, to put something away from the reach of someone. Ilayo mo ang baso sa bata. Put the glass out of the child's reach.

beyond prep. 1 on the other side of: sa kabila ng..., sa ibayo ng... 2 later than, past: lampas, lagpas 3 out of reach, superior to: di abot, di maabot

tag´os ­ tumagos, tagus´an (- um-:-an) v. to penetrate, reach through a whole width, thickness or length. Tumagos ang lanseta sa kanyang katawan. The pocket-knife penetrated his body.

arrive v. 1 to come: dumating, sumipot 2 to make ones appear- ance: sumipot, lumitaw 3 to reach the end of a journey: sumapit, isapit, dumating, idating

rehas rayos raise rouse

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