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request v. to ask, to ask for, to ask as a favor: makiusap, ipakiusap, pakiusapan · n. 1 act of asking: pakikiusap, pamamanhik, paghingi, paghiling 2 what is asked for: hiling, kahilingan, pakiusap, pithaya, pa- manhik 3 the state of being desired or sought after: ang nahihiling, ang napipita, ang napipithaya


hil´ing ­ humiling, hiling´in (-um-:- in) v. to request. Hilingin mo siyang kumanta. Request her to sing.

nga' part. emphatic particle, ex- pressing confirmation, truly, really, certainly, request particle meaning "please", so, therefore, really. Oo, nga. Yes, indeed. Ikaw nga ang maysabi. You, yourself said so. Ituro nga ninyo (polite request). Please show me the way...

huming´i' v. to ask for, to request

pak´i- af. a verbal prefix which in- dicates a request. Paki-abot. Please hand over. Please get.

invitation n. 1 a request to come to some place or to do something: anyaya, paanyaya, imbitasyon 2 act of inviting: pag-aanyaya, pag-imbita, pag-iimbita

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