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sah´ig n. floor


husk n. 1 the dry outer covering of certain seeds or fruits: upak, talupak 2 coconut husk: bunot ˇ v. 1 to remove the husk: mag-upak, upakan, magtalupak, talupakan, magtalop, talupan 2 to husk coconuts: mag-alis (alisan) ng bunot, talupan, bunutan 3 to polish a floor with a coconut husk: magbunot ng sahig, bunutin ang sahig

kusk´os ­ magkusk´os, kusk´osin (mag-:-in) v. to scrub. Kuskusin mo ang sahig. Scrub the floor. magkuskos, ikuskos (mag-:i-) v. to scrub with. Ikuskos mo ang basahan sa sahig. Scrub the floor with the rag.

p´unas ­ magpunas, pun´asan (mag-:-an) v. to wipe, to mop, to dry, with a piece of cloth or rag. Nagpupunas siya ng sahig tuwing umaga. She mops the floor every morning.

gul´ong n. wheel ˇ gum´ulong (-um) v. to roll. Gu- mulong ang bola sa sahig. The ball rolled on the floor. maggulong; igulong (mag-:i-) v. to roll something

1) pul´ot n. honey, syrup
2) p´ulot ­ mamulot, pul´utin (mang- :-in) v. to pick up. Pulutin mo ang papel sa sahig. Pick up the paper on the floor.

sahog sagwa suwag sage

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