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s´ahod n. salary · sumahod (-um) v. to catch the flow of something with a receptacle, to re- ceive a salary or wage. Sumahod ako kahapon. I got/received my pay yes- terday. magsahod, sah´urin (mag-:-in) v. to catch the dripping. Sahurin mo ang tumutulong tubig sa gripo. Catch the dripping water from the faucet (in a receptacle).


salary n. a fixed pay for regular work: suweldo, sahod, sinasahod saliva n. the liquid produced by glands in the mouth: laway

hire v. to pay for the use of: umupa, upahan, ipaarkila, umarkila · n. 1 wages: upa, sahod, kita 2 for hire: paupahan, pinauupahan 3 pay for the use of: upa, arkila

dik´it ­ dumik´it (-um-) v. to stick, to adhere, to get stuck. Dumikit ka kay pangulo para mabigyan ka ng mataas na sahod. Stick it out with the president so that you will get a high pay raise. magdik´it, idik´it (mag-:i-) v. to paste, to stick, to glue something. Idikit mo ang iyong retrato sa dingding. Paste your picture on the wall.

raise v. 1 to lift up, to put up: magtaas, itaas, pataasin 2 to build, to set up: magtayo, magpatayo, ipagpatayo, itayo 3 to make higher or larger: magpataas, pataasin, taasan, itaas, magpalaki, palakihin, lakhan, palakhan 4 to make grow, to help to grow: magtanim, itanim, tamnan, maghalaman, halamanin, mag-alaga, alagaan 5 to give a higher salary: umentuhan 6 to solicit contributions, money, etc.: mangilak, ipangilak, mag-ipon, ipag-ipon 7 to bring together, to gather, to organize: magtatag, itatag, magtipon, ipatipon 8 to lift from the ground: bumuhat, buhatin, bumuhat, buhatin, umangat, angatin · n. 1 an increase in amount, price, etc.: ang itinaas (naparagdag) na halaga 2 an increase in salary: umento, dagdag na sahod

pay v. 1 to give money to for things or work: magbayad, bayaran, umupa, upahan 2 to give money for: magbayad, bayaran 3 to give the salary of: magsuweldo, suwelduhan, magpasahod, pasahurin 4 to give, to offer: magbigay, bigyan, ibigay, mag- ukol, pag-ukulan, iukol 5 to give a profit, to be worth while: magtubo, pagtubuan, magbunga, makinabang, pakinabangan · n. 1 money given for services or work: upa, suweldo, sahod 2 payment for things bought: bayad, kabayaran 3 in the pay of, paid by and working for: nasa paglilingkod 4 to pay back means (a) to return borrowed money: magbayad ng utang (hiniram), bayaran ang utang (hiniram) (b) to give the same treatment as received: gumanti, gantihan 5 to pay off, to give all the money that is owed, to pay in full: magbayad nang husto, bayaran nang husto 6 to pay up, to pay: magbayad, bayaran 7 to pay by installment: maghulog, hulugan

suyod sayad sayote sadya

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