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tattle v. 1 to tell tales or secrets: magdadaldal, dumaldal, idaldal 2 to gossip: magtsismis, itsismis, sumitsit, isitsit n. 1 idle or foolish talk, gossip: tsismis, daldal, sitsit 2 childish talk: salitang-bata

root n. 1 the part of a plant that grows in the soil: ugat 2 a cause, source: pinanggalingan, pinangga- galingan, simula, sanhi, dahilan 3 the word from which others are derived: salitang-ugat v. 1 to be- come fixed in the ground, send out roots and begin to grow: mag-ugat, magkaugat 2 to pull, tear, or dig up or out by the roots: bumunot, bunutin 3 to get completely rid of: lumipol, lipulin 4 to cheer (slang): kumantiyaw, mangantiyaw, kan- tiyawan 5 to take root means (a) to send out roots and begin to grow: mag-ugat, magkaugat (b) to become firmly fixed: pumirme, mamirme, lumagi, mamalagi

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