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sīalot nw. epidemic, pest, plague


plague n. 1 a very dangerous disease that spreads rapidly and often causes death: salot, peste, piste 2 a thing or person that torments, vexes, offends or is dis- agreeable: buwisit, peste, piste, salot · v. to vex, to annoy, to bother: mambuwisit, buwisitin, mameste, pestihin, manggambala, gambalain, mangyamot, yamutin

epidemic n. rapid spreading of a disease so that many people have it at the same time: salot, peste

pest n. 1 a thing or person that causes trouble, injuries, or de- struction: maninira, peste, piste, salot 2 nuisance: panggulo, buwisit, pambuwisit, peste, piste

salita sulat silat salad

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