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1) sam´a' ­ masama' (ma-) adj. bad ˇ sumam´a' (-um-) v. to become bad, to become ill. Lalong sumama ang kanyang lagnat. His fever became worse. sam´a' ng lo´ob n. ill feelings
2) s´ama ­ sumama (-um-) v. to go with, to join the company, accom- pany magsama, isama (mag-:i-) v. to take along with. Isama mo si Bubot sa Luneta. Take Bubot along to Luneta.


mixed adj. magkahalo, magkakahalo, haluan, halu-halo, magkalahok, sama-sama

one n. the number 1: uno, isa ˇ pron. 1 any person: sinuman, ang isang tao, kahit sino, iyung 2 anything: alinman, kahit alin, anuman, kahit ano, maski ano, maski alin ˇ adj. 1 some: balang, isa, sa iba 2 joined together, united: sabay-sabay, sama-sama, iisa 3 the same: iisa, nagkakaisa, magkaisa, pareho (Sp.) 4 at one, in agreement or harmony: magkasundo, magkaka- sundo, magkaisa, magkakaisa 5 it is all one, it makes no difference: walang pagkakaiba, pareho 6 one and all, everyone: lahat, bawat isa 7 one by one: isa-isa 8 one after another: sunud-sunod 9 one and only: kaisa-isa 10 one or two, a few: ilan 11 one too many, too much: labis, sobra 12 one each: tig-isa, tigisa, tig-iisa, tigi-tig-isa 13 the only one: tangi, bugtong, solo, uniko/a

ill feeling (s) n. unfriendly disposi- tion, ill will: sama ng loob, hinanakit

bigti ­ magbigti, bigtih´in (mag-:- in) v. to hang or strangle oneself. Nagbigti siya sa sama ng loob. He strangled himself because of sadness.

resentment n. the feeling that one has at being injured or insulted, indignation: galit, pagkagalit, poot, pagkapoot, pagdaramdam, hinanakit, paghihinanakit, sama ng loob

same suma sana sanay

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