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s´apa' n. brook, creek, stream


brook n. small stream: sapa, batis

creek n. small stream: sapa, ilug-ilugan

stream n. 1 flow of liquid, running water: agos, daloy 2 a large brook, a small river: sapa 3 any steady flow: agos, daloy · adv. 1 up stream, against the current of the water: kontra sa agos, pasalungat sa agos, salungat sa agos 2 down stream, with the current: kasama ng agos, paayon sa agos, sunod sa agos · v. 1 to flow: umagos, dumaloy, tumulo 2 to pour out: dumanak 3 to be so wet as to drip in a stream: tumulo 4 to float or wave: wumagayway

saba sopa supa sapi

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