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sīelyo n. stamp


stamp n. 1 a postage stamp: selyo 2 a thing that puts a mark on: pantatak, panatak, timbre 3 an impression, mark: bakas, tatak, tanda 4 the act of putting on a postage stamp: pagseselyo 5 a stamping of the foot or feet: padyak, pagpadyak, tarang, pagtarang, pag- tatarang, dabog, pagdabog 6 act of making an impression: pagtatatak · v. 1 to put a postage stamp on: magselyo, selyuhan, lagyan ng selyo 2 to bring down ones foot with force: tumapak, tapakan, yumapak, yapakan 3 to stamp on the floor: pumadyak, padyakan 4 to stamp the feet rapidly and in succession: tumarang, magtatarang, dumabog 5 to make a mark on: magtatak, tatakan 6 to show to be of a certain quality or character: magpakilala, ipakilala, pagkakilanlan

tīipon ­ magtipon, tipunin (mag-:- in) v. to collect, to gather together, to store away. Tipunin mo ang mga lumang selyo. Gather the old stamps together.

seal n. a design stamped on a piece of wax, etc., to show ownership or authority: selyo, tatak, panatak · v. 1 to make with a seal: magtatak, tatakan, magselyo, selyuhan 2 to close by sticking: idikit 3 to fill up a hole or holes: magpasak, pasakan 4 to shut up, close tightly: takpang (sarhang) mahigpit, isarang mabuti

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