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simulŽa' n. beginning · magsimula', simulan (mag-:-an) v. to start, to begin. Simulan mo na ang iyong trabaho. Start your work.


first adj. coming before all others: una, nangunguna, pang-una · n. the beginning: simula · adv. before anything else: muna

germ n. 1 a simple animal or plant, too small to be seen, which causes disease: mikrobyo 2 seed: binhi 3 the beginning of anything: simula, pinagmulan, pinanggalingan

from prep. 1 indicating place of origin: mula sa, galing sa, buhat sa 2 beginning with: mula, simula, buhat 3 from a person: sa, kay, kina (plural of "kay")

beginning n. 1 the start, com- mencement, time when anything begins: simula, pasimula, umpisa 2 origin, source: pinagsimulan, pinagmulan, pinanggalingan begrudge v. 1 to envy: mainggit, kainggitan 2 to be reluctant to give: magmaramot, pagmaramutan, ipagmaramot 3 to refuse: magkait, pagkaitan, ipagkait

through adv. 1 prep. from the beginning to the end: mula sa puno hanggang sa dulo, buhat sa simula hanggang sa wakas 2 prep. from end to end of, from side to side of: sa 3 here and there, over: sa ibat ibang lugar (dako) 4 because of, by reason of: dahil sa 5 by means of: sa, sa pamamagitan 6 having reached the end of, finished with: tapos na · adj. 1 going all the way without change: tuluy-tuloy, deretso, walang hinto (tigil) 2 at the end, finished: tapos na

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