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sing v. 1 to make music with the voice: kumanta, kantahin, umawit, awitin 2 to make pleasant, musical sounds: umawit, kumanta 3 to bring, send, or put in a certain state by singing: ipagkanta, kantahan, awitan


ka pron. you (sing.), second person (sing.), belongs to the ang pronoun set) · ka- aff. (+ reduplication of the first consonant and vowel of the verb root) means a recently completed action K´a adj. appellation for elders and distant uncles or aunts, as Ka Pedro or Ka Juana, from kapatid meaning `sibling'

kant´a n. song [syn. ´awit, aw´itin] · umawit, awitin (-um-:-in) v. to sing. Awitin mo ang bagong kanta. Sing the new song.

sing´aw n. vapor, steam

chorus n. group of singers who sing together: koro

m´una adv. just a minute, before anything else, for a while, first, before-hand. Mag-awitan muna tayo bago... Let's sing a song first (before)...

singa singaw sang sinag

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