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sink v. 1 to go down, fall slowly, go lower and lower, to go under: lumubog, bumaba 2 to make go down, make go under: magpalubog, mapalubog, palubugin, ilubog · n. a shallow basin or tub with a drainpipe: lababo, hugasan


sag v. 1 to droop, hand down unevenly: lumaylay, lumuyloy 2 to sink under pressure or weight, bend down in the middle: lumundo 3 to become less firm, to sink: lumubog, manghina, manamlay

lub´og adj. submerged · lumubog (-um-) v. to sink, to submerge. Lumubog ang bapor. The boat sank. maglubog, ilubog (mag-:i-) to sink, to submerge. Huwag mo siyang ilubog sa ilog. Don't submerge him in the river.

lab´abo n. sink

hugas´an n. sink

go down
go down v. 1 to descend: bumaba, manaog, pumanaog 2 to sink down: lumubog

sinkaw since sinok smoke

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