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s´ugo' n. representative


delegate n. representative: ki- natawan, sugo, delegado delegation n. a group of delegates: delegasyon

messenger n. 1 one sent: sugo 2 a messenger in a firm: mensahero 3 a bringer of news: tagapagbalita, taga- hatid ng balita

representative n. 1 a person appointed to act or speak for others: kinatawan, representante, sugo 2 an example, type: halimbawa, uri · adj. 1 having its citizens represented by chosen persons: kinakatawan ng mga piniling (halal na) tao 2 sufficiently like all those of its kind to stand for all the rest: kumakatawan 3 representing: nagpapakilala

minister n. 1 a clergyman serving a church, spiritual guide, pastor: ministro, pastor 2 person who is given charge of a department of the government: ministro 3 a person sent to a foreign country to repre- sent his own government: ministro, sugo · v. to be of service or aid, be helpful: maglingkod, paglingkuran, tumulong, tulungan

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