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sumb´ong ­ magsumbong, isum- bong (mag-:i-) v. to accuse, to tell, to complain about. Nagsumbong ang bata sa kanyang ina. The child turned tattle tale to his mother. Isumbong mo sa kanyang ama ang mga kalukohan niya. Tell his father what nonsense he has done.


complain v. 1 to talk about ones pains, trouble, etc.: dumaing, idaing 2 to say something is wrong, to find fault: magsumbong, ipag- sumbong, isumbong, magreklamo, ipagreklamo, ireklamo 3 to make a formal accusation (commonly expressed in Eng. by "to file a complaint"): magsakdal, isakdal, magdemanda, idemanda

complaint n. 1 complaint: daing 2 finding fault: reklamo, sumbong 3 accusation: paratang 4 a formal accusation: sakdal, demanda, habla 5 expression of pain, grief, etc.: daing, hinaing


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