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tab´i n. side, brim, border adv. be- side, by the side of · magtabi, itabi (mag-:-i) v. to save up, to store. Magtabi ka ng pagkain para bukas. Store food for tomorrow. tab´i ­ tumabi (-um-) v. to stand be- side or aside, to get out of the way, to go to the side of. Tumabi si Belen sa akin. Belen came beside me. magtabi, itabi (mag-:i-) v. to keep away something for future use. Itabi mo ang kaunting salapi para sa hina- harap. Set aside some money for the future.


put v. 1 to place: maglagay, ilagay, lagyan 2 to express: magpahayag, ipahayag 3 to put away, to lay aside for some time: magligpit, iligpit, magtabi, itabi, magsaisang-tabi, isaisang-tabi 4 to put in, to spend, e.g., time: mag-ukol, pag-ukulan, iukol 5 to put off, to postpone: magpaliban, ipagpaliban 6 to put up with, to bear with patience, to endure: magtiis, tiisin, pagtiisan 7 to put aside: magsaisang-tabi, isaisang-tabi

side n. 1 surface or line bounding a thing: tabi, paligid, tagiliran, gilid 2 either of the two surfaces of paper, cloth, etc.: mukha, panig 3 either the right or left part of the body of a person, an animal, or house, etc.: tagiliran 4 either the right of the left part of a thing, either part or region beyond a central line: dako, gawi, banda, tabi, panig 5 a slope of a hill or bank: gilid 6 the position, course or part of ones person or party against another: panig, pangkat 7 a part of a family, a line of descent: pamilya, angkan · adj. 1 at one side: sa tagiliran 2 by ones side, near one: sa tabi, sa piling 3 side by side, beside one another: magkatabi, tabi-tabi, magkapiling, magkaagapay, aga-agapay, agapay · v. to take sides, place oneself with a side or a group: kumampi, kampihan, magkampihan, pumanig, panigan, kumatig, katigan

beside prep. 1 by the side of: sa tabi..., sa piling... 2 near, close to: katabi, malapit, kapiling, kasiping, nasa tabi... 3 away from, not con- cerning: labas, malayo · v. 1 to be beside: sumiping, isiping, sipingan, tumabi, itabi, tabihan 2 to put or place beside: itabi, isiping

shoulder n. 1 the part of the body to which an arm is attached: balikat 2 the part of a garment that covers a shoulder: balikat (ng baro) 3 the side or edge of a road: tabi ng daan, gilid ng daan · v. 1 to take on the shoulders, to bear (burden, blame, etc.): bumalikat, isabalikat, balikatin, pumasan, pasanin 2 to push with the shoulders: sumiksik, maniksik, siksikin 3 shoulder to shoulder, side by side, together: magkatabi, tabi-tabi, magkakatabi 4 with united effort: magkakatulong, tulung-tulong 5 straight from the shoulder, frankly, directly: tapatan, tuwiran, prangko 6 to turn or give a cold shoulder to, to shun, avoid, show dislike for: umilag, ilagan, umiwas, iwasan, lumayo, layuan

paro´on ­ pumaroon (-um-) v. to go there, yonder. Pumaroon ka sa tabi niya. Go yonder by her side.

tabo taba tibi tapi

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