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t´ali' n/qnt. a bundle (tied with a string) · magtali', itali' (mag-:i-) v. to tie. Itali mo ang aso. Tie the dog.


string n. 1 a thick thread, small cord: pisi, tali, panali, leteng 2 such a thread with things on it: kwintas 3 a special cord for musical instruments: kuwerdas, bagting 4 anything used for tying: tali, panali 5 a number of things in a line or row: hilera, pila, linya, hanay · v. 1 to put on a string: magtuhog, tuhugin 2 to furnish with strings: magbagting, bagtingan 3 to remove strings from: maghimay, himayin, magsungot, sungutan 4 to tie with a string: magtali, itali, talian 5 to provide a musical instrument with strings: magkuwerdas, kuwerdasan

shoestring n. 1 a shoelace: tali (sintas) ng sapatos 2 a very small amount of money: napakaliit na halaga (ng kuwalta)

bond n. 1 anything that binds: bigkis, gapos, tali, buklod 2 a pris- oners bonds: gapos, posas 3 bail: piyansa 4 a guarantee: garantiya, panagot 5 a pledge, pawn: sangla 6 a binding force, unity: pagkakaisa 7 a certificate given, esp. by a government, for money borrowed: bono

line n. 1 a long narrow mark: linya, guhit 2 a row of persons or things, single file or abreast: pila, hanay, hilera 3 a piece of rope: lubid 4 a piece of cord: tali, pisi 5 a piece of wire: kawad, alambre 6 a clothesline: sampayan 7 a fishing line: hapin, bingwit 8 a telephone line: linya ng telepono · v. 1 to mark / draw with lines: guhitan, linyahan 2 to line up, to form in line: humanay, ihanay, humilera, ihilera, pumila, ipila

tie v. 1 to fasten, bind: magtali, talian, itali 2 to make a knot out of a loose ends of a string, rope, etc: magbuhol, ibuhol, buhulan 3 to make the same score, be equal in points: magpatas, magpatas, pumatas, pumatas, magtabla, tum- abla 4 to tie up, shackle: gumapos, igapos, gapusin · n. 1 a thing that ties, fastening: tali, panali, bigkis, pamigkis, gapos, panggapos 2 a being tied or fastened: pagkakatali, pagkakagapos, pagkakapugal 3 bond, connection: pagkakaugnay 4 a necktie: kurbata 5 equality in points: patas, patas, pagkakapatas, pagkakapatas

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