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tamb´ak n. a heap, a pile, filler (soil) magtambak, itambak (mag-:i-) v. to pile, to dump into, to fill up with rubbish, earth or stones. Itambak mo ang mga basura sa isang tabi. Pile the garbage in one corner.


pile n. 1 many things lying one upon another in a more or less orderly way: salansan, talaksan 2 a mass like a hill or mound: tambak, bunton, tumpok 3 a heavy beam driven upright into the ground to help support a building, a bridge, etc.: pilote, istaka, trosong pang-istaka 4 any large amount ( used in com- mon talk): santambak, sambunton, sangkaterba, tambak, bunton 5 a large amount: dami · v. 1 to make into a pile, to heap up: magbunton, ibunton, magtambak, itambak 2 to heap up evenly: magsalansan, isalansan, magtalaksan, italaksan 3 to gather or rise in piles: matambak, mabunton, magkapatung-patong 4 to go in a confused rushing crowd: magsiksikan

mound n. 1 a bank or heap of earth or stones: tambak, bunton 2 a hillock: punso

mountain n. 1 a very high hill: bundok 2 a very large heap or pile of anything: malaking tambak · adj. 1 of or having to do with mountains: ng (sa) bundok 2 mountainous: mabundok, bundukin

heap n. 1 pile of many things thrown or lying together: tambak, bunton 2 a large amount (used in common talk): santambak, sambunton, marami · v. to form into a heap, to gather in heaps: magbunton, ibunton, magtambak, itambak

pack n. 1 a bundle: balutan, basta 2 a packet, parcel: pakete, balot 3 a small packet: kaha 4 lot, a number together: bunton, tambak, barkada, kawan, pangkat, katerba 5 a complete set of playing cards: baraha · v. 1 to put together in a bundle, box, etc.: mag-impake, impakihin, magbasta, bastain 2 to fill with things: magpuno, punuin 3 to press or crowd closely together: magsiksik, isiksik, siksikan, siksikin 4 to wrap things together: magbalot, balutin 5 to pack things in boxes: magkahon, ikahon 6 to pack things in cans or tins: magsalata, isalata

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