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1) tap´at n. the place in front, that which is across adv. in front of · tumapat (-um-) v. to stand in front of. Tumapat si Pedro sa akin. Pedro stood in front of me. magtapat, itapat (mag-: i-) v. to put directly in front. Itapat mo ang mesa ko kay Alma. Put my table in front of Alma.
2) tap´at ­ matapat (ma-) adj. honest, truthful, sincere, loyal · magtapat (mag-) v. to tell the truth, to be frank, sincere, honest. Magtapat ka sa akin. Tell me the truth.


truthful adj. telling the truth: tapat, matapat, nagtatapat, mapag- tapat

loyal adj. true and faithful to love, promise, or duty: tapat, matapat, tapat na loob

true adj. 1 agreeing with fact, not false: totoo, tunay 2 real, genuine: tunay, talaga, berdadero 3 faithful, loyal: tapat, matapat 4 agreeing with a standard, correct, exact: tunay, tama 5 rightful, lawful: tunay, legal, may karapatan 6 to be true or become true means to agree with the facts: maging totoo (tunay), magkatotoo 7 to be faithful or loyal: maging tapat (matapat)

midday n. noon: tanghali, katang- halian, tanghaling-tapat

disloyal adj. 1 faithless, not loyal: di tapat 2 traitorous: taksil, traydor

tapete tupad tupada tipid

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