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tikt´ik n. spy


detective n. one whose occupation is to detect: tiktik, detektib

spy n. a person who keeps secret watch on the actions of others: espiya, espiya, ispiya, tiktik · v. 1 to find out or try to find out by careful observation: maniktik, tiktikan, mag-espiya, espiyahan, mag-ispiya, ispiyahan 2 to keep secret watch: manubok, subukan, sumubaybay (subaybayan) nang palihim, magmanman, manmanan 3 to catch sight of, see: makita, makakita, mapansin, makapansin, mamataan 4 to spy out, to watch or examine secretly or carefully: magsiyasat na (siyasating) mabuti, magmanmang mabuti

plain adj. 1 clear, easy to un- derstand, easily seen or heard: maliwanag, malinaw 2 without ornament: simple, payak 3 all of one color: liso, linso 4 not rich: karaniwan, simple, di marangya 5 common, ordinary, simple in man- ner: pangkaraniwan, simple 6 not pretty: karaniwan (pangkaraniwan) ang ganda, hindi maganda 7 frank, honest, sincere: tapat, matapat 8 flat, level: pantay, patag 9 smooth: makinis · n. a flat stretch of land: kapatagan plain-clothes man a detective: detektib, sekreta, tiktik

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