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tindŽig ­ tumindig (-um-) v. to stand up. Tumindig ka. Stand up. magtindig, itindig (mag-:i-) v. to put in an upright position. Itindig mo ang plorera. Stand the flower vase up.


carriage n. 1 a vehicle: karwahe 2 bearing: asta, tindig, bikas, tikas 3 the actual carrying: pagdadala

porridge n. cereal cooked in water or milk: lugaw, nilugaw, tsamporado port n. 1 a harbor, place where ships and boats can be sheltered from storms: puwerto, daungan, doongan 2 the town or city by a harbor: puwerto, daungan 3 the opening in the side of a ship to let in light and air: babor, bintana sa tagiliran ng bapor 4 the left side of a ship: babor, kaliwang tagiliran ng bapor 5 a way of carrying oneself, bearing: tindig, tikas, bikas

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