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tinŽik n. thorn, fishbone · matinik (ma-) adj. thorny


fish bone
fish bone n. tinik (ng isda)

thorn n. a sharp point on a plant: tinik

splinter n. 1 a thin, sharp, piece of wood: salubsob, subyang, tinik 2 a glass splinter: durog (basag) na salamin, bubog · v. 1 to split or break into splinters (as glass): madurog 2 to split into thin, small pieces: magtilad, matilad, tilarin

prick n. 1 a sharp point: tulis 2 the little hole or mark made by a sharp point: duro, turok, tusok, sundot, tundo 3 act of pricking: pagduro, pagturok, pagtundo, pagsundot, pagtusok · v. 1 to make a little hole in or mark on with a sharp point: magduro, dumuro, duruin, iduro, magturok, tumurok, turukin, turukan, iturok, magtusok, tumusok, tusukan, tusukin, itusok, sumundot, sundutin 2 to be pricked with thorns: matinik, maduro (matundo, matusok) ng tinik

tenis tanso tamak think

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