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title n. 1 the name of a book, poem, picture, song, etc: pamagat, titulo 2 a name showing rank: titulo, ranggo 3 legal right to the possession of: titulo, katibayan (karapatan) sa pag-aari (pagkamay-ari) 4 right, claim: karapatan ˇ v. to give name to, entitle, call: magpamagat, pamagatan, ipamagat, magtitulo, tituluhan, ititulo to prep. 1 in the direction of: sa 2 as far as: hanggang sa, abot (sagad) sa 3 on: sa 4 about, concerning: tungkol, hinggil, ukol 5 in accor- dance with: tama sa, alinsunod sa, sang-ayon sa, batay sa 6 for the purpose of, for: upang, para 7 "to" is also used to show action toward: sa 8 to and from, first one way and then back again, back and forth: paroot parito, pabalik-balik


t´itulo Sp n. title, degree (academic), torrens title (for land ownership)

imp´ong (-ng) adj. a title for an old woman used with a given name

pamag´at n. title of written work

ingk´ong n/adj. a title for an old man used with or without a given name, a reference to an old man, grandfather

rajah n. title of a Malayan ruler: raha

tatlo titulo tutol total

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