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turn v. 1 to move round as a wheel does: umikot, pumihit, uminog 2 to cause to move round as a wheel does: magpaikot, paikutin, magpainog, painugin, pumihit, pihitin 3 to move part way round: pumihit, ipihit, pihitin, papihitin, bumaling, ibaling, pabalingin 4 to take a new direction to: bumaling, ibaling, pabalingin, lumiko, iliko, palikuin 5 to give a new direction to: magbaling, bumaling, ibaling, balingan 6 to change, to become: maging 7 to take a turn, to become dizzy: mahilo · n. 1 motion like that of a wheel: ikot, pag-ikot, pihit, pagpihit, inog, pag-inog 2 a change of direction: liko, pagliko, pihit, pagpihit, baling, pagbaling 3 opportunity, occasion: pagkakataon, panahon, oras, turno 4 a deed, act: gawa 5 a twist, one round in a coil of wire, rope, etc.: pulupot, pilipit, ikot 6 a change: pagbabago 7 by turns, one after another: halinhinan, turnuhan, palitan, isa-isa, una-una, hali-halili 8 to turn off means to put out (a light, etc.): magpatay, patayin 9 to shut off: magsara, isara 10 to turn on, to let come, let flow: magbukas, buksan, bumuhay, buhayin 11 to turn out means to put out: magpatay, patayin


baligt´ad adj. inside-out, up-side down [var. baliktad] · magbaligtad, baligtar´in, ibaligtad (mag-:-in, i-) v. to turn something over, to invert, to reverse, to turn inside-out. Baligtarin mo ang kinuha ko. Turn over those (clothes) I was sunbleaching. bumaligtad (um-) v. to turn over. Bumaligtad ang sasakyan. The car turned completely over.

p´ihit ­ pumihit (-um-) v. to turn around magpihit, pih´itin, ipihit (mag-:- in, i-) v. to wind, to turn a crank or a shaft. Pihitin mo ang manibela sa kaliwa. Turn the steering wheel to the left.

bil´ing adj. turned over, bent, inclined · bumiling (-um-) v. to turn around. Bumiling ka. Turn over. mabiling (ma-) v. to be turned aside. Nabiling ang mukha niya sa lakas ng sampal. His head was turned aside by the force of the slap. His face was swung aside by the force of the slap. magbiling, biling´in, ibiling (mag-:-in, i-) v. to turn over, to turn around. Ibiling mo ang ulo ng bata sa unan. Turn the head of the child on the pillow.

buw´elta ­ bumuw´elta (-um-) v. to turn around, to go back, to return. Bumuelta siya pagdating sa kanto. He turned back when he reached the corner. ibuw´elta (i-) v. to turn a vehicle around, to go back. Ibuwelta mo na ang kotse. Turn the car around.

lik´o' ­ lumiko' (-um-) v. to turn, to curve, to bend. Lumiko ang kotse sa kanan. The car turned to the right. magliko',iliko' (mag-:i-) to turn something. Iliko mo ang kotse sa kaliwa. Turn the car to the left.

turno turon terno tren

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