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´ulam n. main dish of a meal (viand as used in the Philippines).


´ulam n. main dish of a meal (viand as used in the Philippines).

´ubos ­ ub´usin (in-) v. to consume, to eat up, to finish off. Inubos namin ang ulam. We finished off the main dish.

lag´ay ­ lumagay (-um-) v. to put oneself in a certain condition. Luma- gay ka sa aking lugar. Put yourself in my place. ilagay (i-) to put, to place (some- thing), to lay down something. Ila- gay mo ang ulam sa kalan. Put the main dish on the stove.

takily´era n. ticket girl (in theatres) tak´ip n. cover · magtakip, takip´an (mag-:-an) v. to cover. Nagtakip siya ng kaniyang mga mata. He covered his eyes. Takipan mo ang ulam. Put a cover on the food (main dish).

l´asa n. taste · malasa (ma-) adj. spicy, tasty lumasa, las´ahin (-um-:-in) v. to taste, to have taste of. Ikaw ang lumasa ng ulam. You taste the dish.


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