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upper adj. 1 higher: itaas, dakong itaas 2 to have the up- per hand means to be in control of: mamahala, pamahalaan, nasa kapangyarihan (kamay) ng o ni 3 to have the advantages: may bentaha · n. the part of a shoe above the sole: ang dahon (ibabaw, pang-ibabaw) ng sapatos


balcony n. 1 an upper floor in a theater or hall with seats for an audience: palko 2 projecting platform with an entrance from an upper floor of a building: balkon, balkonahe 3 a roofless veranda or terrace over a porch: asotea

shirt n. 1 a garment for the upper part of a mans body: kamisadentro 2 an undergarment for the upper part of the body: kamiseta

upstairs adj. on an upper floor: sa itaas, sa itaas na palapag · n. the upper story: ang itaas na palapag, ang itaas ng bahay

ng´uso' n. upper lip

ib´abaw n. upper crust or surface, top · adv. (sa ibabaw) over, above, on top

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