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welga n. a (labor) strike


strike v. 1 to hit, to beat: mang- hampas, humampas, hampasin, ihampas, pumalo, mamalo, paluin, ipalo 2 to hit with the fist: sumuntok, suntukin 3 to set on fire by hitting or rubbing: magkiskis, kiskisin, ikiskis 4 to influence, to overcome (by death, disease, suffer- ing, terror, fear, etc.): makadama, madama, makaramdam, maram- daman, talaban, tablan, dapuan, matamaan 5 to impress: mag- palagay, ipalagay, magkintal, ikintal 6 to sound: tumunog, tumugtog 7 to stop work to get better pay or better working condition, etc: mag-aklas, umaklas, pag-aklasan, magwelga, pagwelgahan 8 to find or come upon ore, oil, water, etc.: makatuklas, matuklasan, makakita, makita, makatagpo, matagpuan 9 to strike up, to begin: magsimula, simulan, mag-umpisa, umpisahan 10 to strike out means (a) to cross out, to rub out: bumura, burahin, mag-alis, alisin (b) to fail to hit three times in baseball: maaut, umaut, autin n. 1 the act or fact of stopping work to get more pay, shorter hours, etc.: welga, aklasan 2 a blow: hampas, palo, suntok 3 a hit in baseball: istrayk 4 the act of hitting: pagpalo, paghampas, pagsuntok


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