Pateros Philippines

The Chinese traders who eventually settled in the town introduced the most famous balut industry and alfombra-slipper making. The name PATEROS came from the Tagalog words "pato" - the duck that lays the eggs for balut making, and "sapatero" - the word for shoemakers.

pateros river
Pasubo sa Ilog

The festival is celebrated every 29th of July in honor of St. Martha. According to the legend, a crocodile was menacing the people of Pateros, and many of its farm animals were eaten by this beast. It was St. Martha who rode at the back of this creature that saved the town. While the parade is going on, foods is coming from the boats are thrown to the participants specially "BALUT" which is the famous delicacy of Pateros.

pateros itik
Itikan sa Pateros

Pandangguhan sa Pateros is celebrated every 29th of July. People of Pateros wearing traditional costumes and signing kundiman songs are dancing in the street. Every time St. Martha passes the row of houses, residents are throwing food to the crowd.

Balut Making

Mallard duck locally known as 'Pateros itik' (Anas platyrynchos) is commonly used by duck farmers in the Philippines. The eggs from this duck are processed to "balut" and salted eggs. "Balut" is an incubated egg with developed embryo of 17 to 19 days which is boiled and eaten with or without salt. It is a Filipino delicacy that commands a good price. Fresh duck eggs are also used to prepare a dessert called "leche flan" (egg custard).