Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "beat"


    • 1. to strike with hand, stick, slippers, etc: pumalo, mamalo, paluin, manghampas, hampasin
    • 2. to beat with a club: bumugbog, bugbugin
    • 3. to beat by pounding with a stone, hammer, or heavy piece of wood: pumukpok, pukpukin
    • 4. to beat to helplessness: gumulpi, gulpihin
    • 5. to pulsate as the heart does: tumibok
    • 6. to mix by beating: magbati, bumati, batihin
    • 7. to defeat: tumalo, talunin
    • 8. to be defeated: matalo
    • 1. the heart beat: tibok ng puso
    • 2. the beat in music: kumpas, tiyempo
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