Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "fall"


    • 1. to drop down: mahulog
    • 2. to drop off or from a place where a thing was attached or resting: malaglag, mahulog
    • 3. to drop with some noise or to crash: bumagsak, mabagsak, lumagpak, malagpak
    • 4. to fall down as to collapse: mabuwal, matumba
    • 5. to fall down flat: mabulagta
    • 6. to fall head first from a height: mahulog nang patiwarik
    • 7. to fall forward or face down: mapasubasob, sumubasob
    • 8. to fall off, as flowers, hair, feathers: malagas
    • 9. to fall as of liquid: pumatak, tumulo
    • 1. dropping from a higher place: pagkahulog, pagkalaglag, pagkatumba, pagkabuwal
    • 2. falling out of hair, feathers, flowers, leaves: panlulugon, panlalagas
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