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Meaning of "leave"


    • 1. to go away: umalis, lumakad
    • 2. to go away from: lumisan, lisanin, iwan
    • 3. to let stay behind, to go without taking: iwan, maiwan
    • 4. to let alone, to leave undisturbed: pabayaan, bayaan, hayaan
    • 5. to give (to family, friends, charity) when one dies: mag-iwan, iwanan
    • 6. to give or hand over (to someone else) to do: magpaubaya, ipaubaya
    • 7. to intrust to someone to mind or take care of: maghabilin, ihabilin, magkatiwala, ipagkatiwala
    • 8. to neglect: magpabaya, pabayaan
    • 9. to leave to the responsibility of another: magpabahala, ipabahala
    • 10. to leave off, to stop: huminto, ihinto, hintuan, tumigil, itigil, tigilan
    • 11. to leave out, not to say, do or put in: huwag isama, iwan
    • 12. to die, depart to another world: pumanaw, yumao, mamatay, sumakabilang-buhay
    • length of time for which one has leave of absence: bakasyon
    • 1. to take leave of, to say good-bye to: magpaalam
    • 2. to take leave of absence: magbakasyon
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