Tagalog Dictionary

Meaning of "light"


    • 1. that by which we see, brightness: liwanag
    • 2. a thing that gives light: ilaw
    • 1. to give light to: mag-ilaw, ilawan, tumanglaw, tanglawan, liwanagan
    • 2. to set fire to: magsindi, sindihan, magparikit, pariktan
    • 3. to become light (less in weight): gumaan (sa timbang)
    • 4. to ask for a light (for ones cigarette or cigar): pasindi
    • 1. bright and clear: maliwanag
    • 2. pale in color, approaching white: mura
    • 3. easy to carry, not heavy: magaan
    • 4. not hard to bear or do: magaan, madali
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