Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "match"


    • 1. a person or thing equal to another or much like another, an equal: kapareho, kasukat
    • 2. a pair that fit: pareha, tambal, pares
    • 3. a person considered as a possible husband or wife: magaling (kabagay) na maging kabiyak, bagay na maging asawa (na mapangasawa)
    • 1. to find the equal of or one exactly like: magpareha, ipareha
    • 2. to be similar, go well together: bumagay, magkabagay, tumugma, magkatugma, umagpang, magkaagpang
    • 3. to be equal to in a contest: pumantay, pantayan, ipantay, pumareho, parehuhan, ipareho
    • 4. to put or place the equal amount or value: tumumbas, tumbasan, pumantay, pantayan
    • 5. to try ones skill, strength, etc., against, oppose: lumaban, labanan, ilaban
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