Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "meet"


    • 1. to come face to face with someone coming from another direction: magkasalubong, masalubong, makasalubong
    • 2. to come together, join: magtagpo, magkatagpo
    • 3. to receive and welcome on arrival: sumalubong, salubungin
    • 4. to be introduced to, to know: magkilala, makilala, magkakilala, kilalanin, makakilala
    • 5. to meet a person on the way (intentionally): sumalubong, salubungin, sumaluno, salunuin
    • 6. to find, discover or meet (by chance): makatagpo, makasalubong, magkita
    • 7. to assemble: magtipon, magtipun-tipon
    • 8. to pay a bill, ones debts, etc.: magbayad, bayaran, makabayad
    • 9. to hold a meeting, as a society: magpulong, magmiting
    • 10. to meet needs, to satisfy the needs: masapatan, makasapat, matugunan, makatugon
    • 11. to meet or satisfy the wishes: magbigay, pagbigyan
    • 12. to meet or satisfy demands: matustusan, tustusan, masapatan
    • 1. a meeting: pulong, kapulungan, miting
    • 2. a contest, esp. an athletic one: paligsahan, labanan
    • 3. a gathering: pagtitipon

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