Tagalog Dictionary

Meaning of "pack"


    • 1. a bundle: balutan, basta
    • 2. a packet, parcel: pakete, balot
    • 3. a small packet: kaha
    • 4. lot, a number together: bunton, tambak, barkada, kawan, pangkat, katerba
    • 5. a complete set of playing cards: baraha
    • 1. to put together in a bundle, box, etc.: mag-impake, impakihin, magbasta, bastain
    • 2. to fill with things: magpuno, punuin
    • 3. to press or crowd closely together: magsiksik, isiksik, siksikan, siksikin
    • 4. to wrap things together: magbalot, balutin
    • 5. to pack things in boxes: magkahon, ikahon
    • 6. to pack things in cans or tins: magsalata, isalata
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