Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "post"


    • 1. a piece of timber, iron, etc., firmly set up, usually to support something else: poste, haligi
    • 2. mail, a single delivery of mail: koreo
    • 3. the place where soldiers, etc., are stationed: himpilan, istasyon
    • 4. military station: himpilan, kampo
    • 5. place where one is supposed to be when one is on duty: puwesto, tayo, lagay
    • 1. to fasten (a notice) up in a place where it can easily be seen: magdikit, idikit, magpaskil, ipaskil, maglagay o magkabit (ng babala)
    • 2. to make public, make known by means of a posted notice: magpaunawa, paunawaan, ipaunawa, magpahayag, ihayag, magbabala, ibabala, magpatalastas, ipatalastas
    • 3. to station at a post, place: magpuwesto, ipuwesto, magtalaga, italaga
    • 4. to send by mail: magkoreo, ikoreo, maghulog (ihulog) sa koreo
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