Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "reach"


    • 1. to get to, to arrive at, to come to: dumating, sumapit, masapit, sapitin
    • 2. to hold out in order to be taken, to give or pass by handing: mag-abot, abutan, iabot
    • 3. to stretch, to extend: umabot, makaabot, paabutin
    • 4. to touch, to put a hand on: maabot, makaabot
    • 5. to amount to, be equal to: umabot, abutin
    • 1. range, power, capacity: abot, kaya, kakayahan, kapasidad
    • 2. the extent or distance of reaching: abot
    • 3. a long stretch or extent: lawak, kalawakan
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